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T-Shirts are a super way to get a Gospel message out in an informal but catching way.  Our t-shirts are meant to be visually attractive and also intellectually, morally, and spiritually challenging.  They are meant to provoke a response and a dialogue.  

Each one will have a story behind it, an issue, a challenge.   Often you will be able find that story, issue, and challenge on the pages of the Road to Emmaus.  The more you learn , the better you will be able to respond to those who query about your t-shirt.

We have


Images can be put on either the front or back.???  Images on the back might be more likely to be read by shy persons, which is most of us in such circumstances.  But they are also not visible if one is wearing a shirt or coat over the T.  


Choose one of our 9 topics:

1. Sword of the Spirit  (2)

2. Godly Politics  2  

3. Science & Cosmology   

4. Economics 1   

5. Sex & Gender 1

6. Education 1

7. Pro-Life 1  

8. Morality 1  

9. Other Religions 1