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**  Published - Limited text available online.
     Putting the Bible and science together for deep inner healing of the soul.  
     We are made in the Image of God, which means that if we want to know what it means to be human, we must get to know God Himself.   Only understanding who God is, His plans for us, and how we can relate to Him successfully can give us an adequate notion of the healing of the soul.  
    So, to understand human nature, we must know the Biblical worldview and the Good News describing who God is and what He wants in us.  With that foundation, we can produce a comprehensive and workable Biblical psychology.                  Read More....
** Published - Limited text available online
     Why conservative Pro-Life workers have not been able to outlaw abortion – and what to do about it.  We, the People, have been self-deceived, stopped being truth-seekers, and have laid ourselves open to the machinations of the power-hungry.  
     Abortion, the Bible, & America is about how to again become honest truth-seekers and -speakers, protectors of life, and servants of God - by restoring the Biblical worldview and Gospel as the standard for Western culture.
           ** Published - Limited text available online
....may be the only book available which not only explains the problem of homosexuality and its behaviors, but gives the strategy by which the absurd sexuality wars can be won.  
    In thee Parts:
I. Creation:  gives the Biblical worldview and moral code as the ground upon which all Biblical religion is based -
II. Fall:  how America and the West got sexualized -
III. Redemption:  how people of good will and good sense can win the war for sexual sanity – being graceful to all persons, speaking the truth in love.  And the stories of those who have overcome sexual addiction.   
Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG)
- Scheduled for publication late 2012 -
Text available online
    Vol. I of A Personalist Cosomology in Imago Dei.  
    God is both Creator of and Sovereign over all that is. PEG deals with God the Creator, giving the metaphysical foundation for the Biblical worldview, upon which all else is built, the Cosmological Argument for God.  It is thus the basic foundation for the Road to Emmaus Project
    (Law & Grace in Imago Dei (below) deals with God the Sovereign, and is thus in tandem with PEG as the foundation of the Road Project, founded on the Image of God.   
    The Cosmological Argument for the existence of God, shows (1) how God is logically required as Creator ex nihilo  for the cosmos to be intelligible, and thus required for the natural sciences to be rational procedures, (2) that God, the cause of the cosmos, must be a personal being, not an abstraction or otherwise inanimate object – thus supporting the Biblical worldview.  
    The works of George Berkeley, bishop of Cloyne, Ireland, in the mid-1700’s, made a devastating critique of the Newtonian worldview of hard, massy atoms and molecules bumping around to create molecules and form the world (so did Hume and Kant).  That independent physical world-machine was thought to be the guarantor of objectivity.  Berkeley shows that to be impossible, and that only God Himself can guarantee objectivity.  PEG uses Berkeley’s cosmological framework to support the case for the existence of God.  
    The Cosmological Argument is also the metaphysical answer to random, chance evolution, supporting the
The Theology of Civil Government:
- Why Government Requires God -   (TCG)
Scheduled for Publication in early or mid-2013
Outline text available online
     Based on Law & Grace in Imago Dei.  Americans have come to believe that America was founded as a secular nation.  History does NOT tell us that.  The founding fathers were one and all believers in God, even if not all trinitarian Christians (some were unitarians).   
    Logic tells us that only God can supply a moral order, and hence a legitimate political order, and only God can supply legitimacy to politics (see Law & Grace in Imago Dei above).  TCG spells out the enormous consequences of this truth, and shows how and why only government under God can set a people free.  
    As with science, civil government cannot be sustained as a morally committed pursuit of truth and righteousness apart from a believing Biblical culture.  
Law & Grace in Imago Dei (L&G)
- Scheduled for publication Summer 2012 -
Text available online   
    L&G deals with God the Sovereign over all that is.  (God is both Creator of and Sovereign over all that is.  PEG above deals with God the Creator).  PEG and L&G give us the foundations for understanding the Image of God, upon which all other issues can be based.
    Part I - Defining ‘Oughtness’ & ‘Love’, describing how the law of God is the source of all moral and political authority –  
    Part II - Biblical Theology & Pelagianism, using the foundation of Part I to resolve the anomalies created by the Pelagian controversy embroiling law, grace, and freewill over at least 16 centuries of Christian theology.  
    Part III – Hieros Gamos, (Sacred Marriage – between the law and grace of God) the practical effects of resolving those anomalies includes producing a logically consistent, empirically relevant, and truly Good News – the Best of All Possible Worlds, and... a moral foundation for civil government.  .  
Yahweh or the Great Mother? (YorGM?)
- Scheduled for Publication in 2013-14 -
    Vol. II of A Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei, expanding the insights of Vol. I, Personality, Empiricism, & God (PEG at top of column), to detail the chasm of contrasts between the Biblical worldview and the secular/pagan worldview.  

Science & Epistemology (S&E)
- Scheduled for Publication in 2014-15 -
    Vol. III of A Personalist Cosmology in Imago Dei, concentrating on the nature of science itself to clarify why it is, and must be, a Biblical enterprise.  It could not have originated in any other culture, and, though its methods can be copied by other cultures, it cannot be sustained as a morally committed pursuit of truth in a non-Biblical culture.  
Biblical Sexuality 
& the Battle for Science (BBSX)
     The earliest book published by Emmaus Ministries as the sexuality battle was heating up in the late 1980’s.  

    The earliest book published by Emmaus Ministries as the sexuality battle was heating up in the late 1980’s.