Good & Right in the Eyes of God?


Good & Right in the Eyes of God?
...is perhaps the only book available which not only clearly explains the problem of homosexuality (many do that), but also has a clear, consistent, and workable strategy for winning the sexuality war for Godly Biblical standards.  
     Biblical standards are 100% in line with the best of scientific studies on sexual behavior (see Homosexuality Library on the Road to Emmaus, and the Brochure Page).    
     Part I, “Creation”, gives the Biblical framework from which Judeo-Christians must work on sexuality issues;   
     Part II, “The Fall”, tells how America and the West got sexualized; and,
     Part III, “Redemption”, gives the strategy for winning the public arena back for sexual sanity, and testimonies of those who have indeed won in their personal lives, coming out of the homosexual life-style.   

     Winning requires forthright  discussion about homosexual behavior – the subject which pro-homosexual persons have managed to keep out of public view because it is so ugly and obviously unsafe.   
     No debate can be won if the primary issue is not clearly identified.   The primary issue is behavior, that is what homosexual (and pansexual) persons want the public to approve.  They are not really interested in “marriage” or other rabbit trail issues, other than to keep the issue before the public eye, and to undermine the foundations of Biblical belief.  
     Homosexualists are riding point for the much broader pansexual goal which says that no sexual behavior is any better than any other.  All (‘pan’) are equal morally.   These people understand that the Biblical worldview and Good News is the worst enemy of their attempt to destroy all moral boundaries regarding sexual behavior.  
     The behavior is practiced because it provides, for a passing moment, pleasure which sugar-coats buried and irresolvable pain and brokenness – just as any other addiction.  

      For the individual, finding helpful rather than self-destructive means of healing the brokenness is the key to success.  Many ministries and medical personnel are engaged in such help.  Go to Exodus  & to NARTH.  
     In the public arena, the issue must be resolved by showing the good reasons why anyone with common sense would forbid such behavior, as we commonly do with smoking, stealing, drug use, etc.  
     There is no evidence to show that homosexuality is inbred, genetic, or biologically caused.    It is, at best, a misguided attempt to fill those inner hurts with gender relationships – but which turn out to be terribly destructive.  
     This battle can be won with truth and grace.  We can raise the painful issues in a helpful and graceful manner, with respect for all persons, inviting them into an honest truth-seeking discussion.  If we are wrong, we want to know, and we invite them to take the same stand – put the discussion on the table for open investigation so that truth can be discovered.  
Approx. 580 pp.
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    Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes
of God?
fills a role in the schema of The Road to Emmaus by adding to the foundations for a Biblical sexuality, and how sexuality must be dealt with in the public arena.
See Master Plan #1
for the
Road to Emmaus,
& Master Plan #2.  
From the Back Cover
   Earle Fox, D. Phil., received degrees from Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut (BA in philosophy), from the Episcopal General Theological Seminary, New York City (M. Div.), and  from Oxford University in 1964 (D. Phil. in the relation between theology and science).  He was ordained to the Episcopal priesthood in 1962.       He did a year of clinical chaplaincy training in two mental hospitals, a prison, and a general hospital, and has been a pastoral counselor since 1960.  He has published Biblical Inner Healing, a book integrating valid principles of psychology with Biblical faith and practice, explaining how God heals us of our inner hurt and brokenness.  
    Fox was assistant pastor from 1966-68 at St. Jude's Episcopal Church, Burbank, California, taught  from 1968-71 in the religion department, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, pastored St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in East Haddam, Connecticut, from 1971-81, and from 1981-3 was chaplain at Becket Academy, a school for troubled youth in East Haddam.  
    In 1989, Fox began lecturing at the Exodus International conferences on the Biblical foundations for the healing of homosexual addiction.  He participated in the founding of Transformation Christian Ministries in the Washington, DC, metro area (ministering to persons coming out of homosexuality), and in the founding of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (ministering to the relatives and friends of homosexual strugglers).  He was director of Transformation Christian Ministries for a two and a half years.  
    Now in La Habra, California, as of 2006, he has returned from Transformation to Emmaus Ministries to continue writing Christian apologetics materials, and to offer a seminar to churches on how to teach Biblical sexuality, minister to persons coming out of homosexuality, and deal with the homosexual agenda in the public arena.   He is pastor of St. Luke’s Reformed Episcopal Church in Santa Ana, CA.  

David  Virtue,  M.C.S., DD., was educated at Scots College in Wellington New Zealand. He studied English Literature and Philosophy at Victoria University in Wellington before going on to London Bible College, London, England, where he completed his Diploma in Theology. He continued his theological studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. and completed his Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Regent College, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada with a dissertation on the Idea of Man in the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  
    Virtue was Religion Editor at The Province newspaper, Canada's third largest morning daily, and later as an editorial writer. He was international communications coordinator for World Vision Int., serving in Ethiopia He worked in communications and development for the American Bible Society in New York City and later served with the American Leprosy Missions. He is an ordained Baptist minister (ABCUSA) and was associate pastor of St. Paul's Baptist Church, Montclair, NJ, for two years. He was Managing Editor of the Virginia Churchman and has been a columnist, journalist and writer on religious issues for more than 20 years.   
    For the past ten years he has been president of a high-tech media corporation as well as editing an Episcopal Newsletter for conservative Episcopalians. He presently writes and edits an Episcopal/Anglican Online Newsletter for orthodox Anglicans worldwide reaching nearly 100,000 readers in 36 countries. He is author of two books, A Flame for Justice, on the life of Caesar Molebatsi of Soweto, South Africa (Lion Publishing, Oxford, UK) and more recently A Vision of Hope, the life story of the Rev. Dr. Samuel Habib, Cairo, Egypt (Paternoster/Regnum, UK). He resides with his wife Mary in West Chester, PA. They attend The Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli, PA.