Abortion, the Bible, & America

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Abortion, the Bible, & America
Table of Contents:
A. The Importance of Worldview
      A-1. Why “Worldview” in a Discussion on Abortion?
           a. Spiritual Warfare  
           b. The Case Against Abortion  
           c. “The enemy is us....”  
           d. The Deeper Issues  
           e. The War on Marriage, Gender, &  Childhood  
     A-2. One Religion or Many?    Ethical Monotheism
                  - a “Jealous” Religion
     A-3. Religio / Worldview... Tying it All Together
         a. What is a “religio”?  
         b. The Biblical vs. Secular/Pagan Worldviews
                      &  the Two Stabilities  
         c. Pluralism - Honest vs. Dishonest                           &  the Level Playing Field  
    A-4. Disintegration of Religio    
        a. The Metastasizing of Communism  
        b. The Long March up through the Institutions  
        c. The Scam of “Relative” Truth  
        d. An Act of Treason  
    A-5. Suppose You Were God...
         a.  ...what would you do...?
    A-6. The Wider Context    
B. What is Abortion?
    B-1. If the Entity in the Womb...
    B-2. ...is a Person...
C. The Authority Issue
    C-1. The Source of Government Authority
    C-2. Positivist vs. Biblical Law
D. Unacceptable Consequences
E. Values, Rights, & Obligations
             in the Constitution

F. Is Abortion Legal in America?
G. Where do we Go from Here?
    G-1. Theocracy or Tyranny - Take Your Pick
    G-2. Getting a Grip on the Background Issues
    G-3. Meeting the Opposition...
    G-4. ...with Truth & Grace.
Abortion, the Bible, & America -  The Pro-Life movement has failed to stop abortion, failed to show that it is not legal, failed to inspire the heart and mind of the Christian community, let alone the secular or pagan communities, failed to stand clearly for truth, righteousness, & love – for the infant in the womb.  Why is that so?
     Abortion, the Bible, & America tells how We, the People, have been deceived, lied to, and rendered incompetent to think clearly about public policy, morality, or how the law and grace of God applies to all public policy issues.  It tells also how to change that.
     Either God created, and is therefore Sovereign over, the whole world, or He is not God at all.  The Christian community must choose which they believe.  If God owns the world, then He owns the political, legal, military, and police part if it also.  
    Only God can define who is and is not a person, not civil government, which is duty bound to honor the law of God – as every American founding father believed.  
    But to make a compelling case, Christians must recover their Biblical worldview and learn to articulate that worldview aggressively as well as gracefully.  We must become truth-seekers before position-defenders so that we can be righteous instruments in His Hand to accomplish His will - rather than inserting our prejudices.  Only truth-seeking and truth-speaking can lead to true and reliable positions. That is reliable pluralism.  Views are plural, truth is singular.  
     Read Abortion, the Bible, & America to get these truths under your belt.  Then share them....  
    (For more on this, and perhaps some surprises, see also The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific World.)

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